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  • Side event to the International Dialogue on Migration 2019: Youth Leadership in 21st Century Migration Governance. The International Dialogue for Migration (IDM) 2019's focus was on ‘youth and migration: engaging youth as key partners in migration governance’. The Dialogue took place on 28 February along with two other events: the General Assembly’s high-level debate on international migration and development on the 27th, and UN DESA’s symposium on international migration and development on the 26th. The IDM addressed topics of understanding youth migration: beyond facts and figures; addressing specific challenges and vulnerabilities of young people: what role, which partners; empowering youth to become actors of change, and mainstreaming…

  • Youth and migration: Engaging youth as key partners in migration governance 1st session of the IDM 2019 28 February - Conference Room 2, UN HQ, New York

  • The first of two workshops dedicated in 2018 to the topic of inclusive and innovative partnerships for effective global governance of migration, explore dexisting partnership mechanisms and evaluate both achievements and challenges encountered.

  • The CDAC event: “Radio - A beacon of progress in today’s tech-led communication landscape” being held in Geneva, Switzerland at IOM HQ in support of World Radio Day.

  • The UN Summit on Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants, which took place on Monday (19/09) in New York, created a singular opportunity for the global community to forge a greater consensus on managing the world’s movements of migrants and refugees. With representatives of nearly two hundred nation states looking on, DG Swing and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon signed a document formally linking IOM to the UN. It established IOM as a “related organization” of the UN, giving the UN for the first time, an explicit migration mandate. “We are gathered here today for an historic Summit – the first ever to assemble Heads of State from around the world to address the question of refugees and migrants,” said IOM Director General William Lacy Swing…

  • IOM’s 5th Global Chiefs of Mission Meeting

  • IOM Niger three-day “Festival on Safe and Informed Migration” in Agadez, Niger. The objective was to raise awareness and increase access to information about migration for transiting and potential migrants, the host population and migrants living in the city’s migrant ghettos.The festival opened at the IOM transit center with a video screening exploring migration in Niger and in the region. It included documentaries from Odysseus 2.0, a project which produced photos and videos of the migration route to Europe. Other activities on Day 1 included a football match in the town square between a migrant team and young people from Agadez and an evening of participatory theatre to encourage debate about informed decisions about migration and safer…

  • IOM-AVRR consultation in Geneva HQ. Initiated by RO Brussels which brought together some 60 CoMs, HoOs and AVRR specialists to discuss key aspects of voluntary return and reintegration.

  • Launch of Joint Regional Refugee & Migrant Response Plan for Europe: Eastern Med & Western Balkans. 25th of January 2016

  • IOM's Conference on Migrants and Cities (CMC) bring together ministers, high-level government officials, mayors and other local authorities, the private sector and civil society organizations to discuss the complex dynamics of human mobility in cities and assess how challenges can be managed and development opportunities maximized. Held on 26 and 27 October 2015 in Palais des Nations, Geneva.

  • Inaugurate new immigration and police premises in Kilwa Masoko, Lindi region, and Kilambo, Mtwara region, constructed by IOM as part of a migration management project funded by the Government of Japan.