Terms and Conditions


The International Organization for Migration ("IOM") provides all materials (the "materials") published on its websites including but not limited to texts, documents, logos, designs, visual materials, photographs, audios and videos for informational purposes only.
IOM reserves the exclusive right, at its sole discretion, to alter, limit or discontinue its websites without notice, and shall have no obligation to take the needs of any user into consideration in connection therewith.

IOM reserves the right to deny, at its sole discretion, any user access to its websites or any portion thereof without notice.

Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights relating to the materials shall remain vested in IOM, unless otherwise stated.

IOM reserves the right to assert ownership of information collected on the websites.


IOM recognizes the value of having quality images, audios, and videos documenting and supporting its work. It is IOM’s policy to use its visual and audio materials in order to:
  • advance the goals and objectives of the Organization particularly by
    • increasing knowledge about IOM, its programmes and activities,
    • fostering understanding of the work of the Organization,
    • supporting fundraising, outreach and advocacy activities,
    • strengthening programmes and activities, and
    • documenting programmes and activities with a view towards creating and preserving an institutional memory.
  • advance understanding of migration issues; and
  • uphold and promote the human dignity and well-being of migrants.
Visual and audio materials must not be used contrary to these objectives. In particular, visual and audio materials must not be used or perceived to be used for
  • discriminatory purposes based on race, gender, ethnic origin, religious affiliation or any other purpose contradictory to the text and spirit of relevant Human Rights conventions and treaties;
  • political purposes associated with political parties or special interest groups;
  • commercial purposes linked to specific products or companies;
  • purposes disregarding or compromising the rights and the dignity of the persons depicted;
  • any other purpose that may be contradictory to advancing the goals and objectives of the Organization.

Copyright and Permissions

All materials are copyright of the International Organization for Migration, unless otherwise stated.  The materials may be viewed, downloaded, and printed for personal, non-commercial use only, without any right to sell, resell, redistribute or create derivative works therefrom.

With the notable exception of media information, any other use including extraction, translation, reproduction, and distribution, in any form, or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, or otherwise, require the explicit prior written permission of IOM.

Permission to use materials which are not owned by IOM, must be requested from the copyright owner. Requests to use an image, an audio byte, and a video should be sent to imagelibrary@iom.int.

The third party has a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the image/s for a specifically authorised purpose only.

Copyright of visual and audio materials remain at all times with IOM, unless otherwise specifically stated.

Where visual and audio materials are to be used for non-commercial purposes, the use is free of charge (although costs for distribution may be charged). Where the materials are to be used for commercial purposes, a fee may be charged.

A third party who has received authorisation to use IOM visual and audio materials has no right to sell, pass-on or otherwise distribute them without the prior authorisation of IOM.

Full credit as stated in the credit line must be given to IOM for all visual and audio materials used. In addition, for images the photographer should be credited. This should be done by stating “Photo by:” followed by the name of the person who took the picture. IOM provides this information with the photo when known.

The right to use is a revocable right, and may be revoked by IOM at any time;

IOM retains the right to change the conditions of use at any time without prior notice.

The IOM Media Library contains photographs covering a period of more than 60 years. Despite a comprehensive and systematic effort by the Organization to research and review a significant number of information sources, it has proved impossible to establish with absolute certainty the copyright ownership of a small number of images.

In view of this situation IOM welcomes people who believe they hold the copyright of any of the images used by the Media Library to come forward with the corresponding proof of copyright. IOM, a non-profit, humanitarian organization, will be glad to attribute the copyright accordingly, or remove the image from the library should this be requested.